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75ml art acrylic colour paint

75ml art acrylic colour paint
75ml art acrylic colour paint
75ml art acrylic colour paint
75ml art acrylic colour paint
75ml art acrylic colour paint
75ml art acrylic colour paint
Product Name : 75ml art acrylic colour paint
Product ID : EXAC75
Volume : 75ML
Type : Acrylic paint /Acrylic colour
Available Size : 500ml Pots, 250ml pots ,200ml tubes ,120ml tubes, 100ml tubes, 75 ml tubes
Painting Medium : Canvas, Glass, Paper

75ml  Acrylic Paint: 


  1. great weather-proof ability

  2. water soluble intermixable ,fast drying

  3. Ideal for artwork , hobbies modeling and traditional art painting, well-suited for painting on wood ,paper ,canvas, leather, stone, metal glass ,ceramics etc…

  4. opaque and light fast with selected pigment

  5. brushes and other accessories can be cleaned easily with water

  1. Available Sizes: 12ML12 colors ,12ml 18colors ,12ml 24colors , 21ml 6 colors , 75ml, 100ml ,120ml, 200ml ,250ml, 300ml,400ml , 500ml ,5kg


3D colored drawing Nail Acrylic Paint

Excellent acrylic paint is made of excellent raw materials. It is featured by smooth paste, brilliant and full colors, strong tinting strength, sun-proof, fast dry, water resistence, and strong adhesive power. The tough color membrane will not chap or glaze, therefore this color can be used on different bases and reserved long. It is quite universal in different kind of painting skills. It is fit for the brushwork and performance of alomost all other pigments. Excellent acrylic color, together with acrylic medium, gesso and forming paste, is an ideal pigment for large frescos and art work. Excellent acrylic color help you express your inspiration freely and fully enjoy the pleasure of painting. It is the ideal meterial for beginners and students in are schools.

Excellent acrylic pigment has many kinds of colors. Besides common pigment, there are metallic pigment, rainbow pigment, fluoroscent pigment, pearlescent pigment and interference pigment for your choice.

Excellent  acrylic paint has 120 kinds of colors for you.



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